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Climate change could cost India 10% of GDP by century's end

10 Jun 21 - India may lose anywhere around 3 to 10 per cent of its GDP annually by 2100 and its poverty rate may rise by 3.5 per cent in 2040 due to climate change, according to a new report.

Carbon tax planned for Indonesia

9 Jun 21 - The Indonesian government is working on amending the country's tax law, which will include a new carbon tax scheme aimed at increasing state revenue from several industries.

Climate change contributes to food wastage

3 Jun 21 - Climate Change is contributing to the five to six per cent of food wasted in New Zealand and Australia and the 20 to 21 per cent wasted in central and southern Asia, according to the Food and...

Melting Himalayas point to problems worldwide

3 Jun 21 - In April, mountaineers began tackling Everest for the first time since the pandemic began, but climate change in the Himalayas and other mountain ranges around the globe is making climbing more...

Seoul climate summit kicks off with call for cleaner planet

31 May 21 - A virtual climate summit got underway in South Korea on Sunday with pledges to play a bigger role in the drive towards a greener global economy.

Singapore to launch global carbon exchange

24 May 21 - A new Singapore-based global exchange for high-quality carbon credits will be launched by the end of the year.

Indonesian president slammed for ‘wait-and-see’ approach on climate

21 May 21 - Experts have criticized Indonesian President Joko Widodo for not announcing a more ambitious climate target at last month’s leaders’ summit.

Asia’s cities are worst hit in warming world

18 May 21 - Climate change, water shortage and pollution are worst for Asia’s cities, researchers say. The rest of us have a lucky escape.

Funeral smoke adds to South Asia’s woes

11 May 21 - With the sub-continent battling a vicious Covid onslaught, the worst fires in years are adding to South Asia’s woes.

Shareholders chide Toyota president over climate comments

11 May 21 - Some Toyota Motor shareholders have criticized its President Akio Toyoda for questioning Japan's plans to ban conventional cars only days after the firm said it was reviewing its climate lobbying and...

NGOs call on Asian Development Bank to end fossil-fuel loans

3 May 21 - A group of non-governmental organisations called on the Asian Development Bank (ADB) on Monday to end loans to the fossil-fuels sector, as the international lender holds its annual meeting this week...

Japan's visionary climate target

3 May 21 - Japan has just raised its target for reducing carbon emissions from 26 percent to 46 percent (by 2030 from 2013 levels). But how was this figure arrived at, environment minister Shinjiro Koizumi was...

Monsoon changes set to cause havoc

20 Apr 21 - As the world warms, monsoon changes are set to cause havoc across a huge and densely populated swathe of the planet. The great South Asian summer monsoon will become both stronger and less reliable.

Indian government country's biggest investor in coal-fired generators

19 Apr 21 - Government support and public money investment into coal is the only factor keeping India away from shrinking its coal capacity. The latest data shows that private sector has taken a step back and...

Asia pushes ahead on carbon markets

16 Apr 21 - Despite the economic challenges posed by Covid-19, the past year was marked by a growing number of pledges from Asian countries to reach carbon neutrality.

Japan and China back coal despite Paris pledges

22 Mar 21 - Japan and China remain among the world’s top coal industry lenders and underwriters, says a report, despite both countries declaring intent ions to go carbon-neutral as part of their commitments to...

Climate work suspended in wake of coup

9 Mar 21 - The United Nations has suspended climate projects that require working with Myanmar’s military government following the February 1 coup and other international donors may follow suit.

Climate legal cases on the rise in Asia

3 Mar 21 - Asian governments and industries have increasingly been facing legal action for climate change-related harms over the past two years, a report by a United States-headquartered law firm has revealed.

Japan's emissions at record low

9 Dec 20 - Japan's greenhouse gas emissions fell 2.7 per cent to a record low in the 2019 financial year that ended March 2020, government figures showed on Tuesday, thanks to growing use of renewable energy...

Petronas Asia's first oil company to set zero-emissions target

2 Nov 20 - Malaysian state-owned energy firm Petronas has declared that it will be carbon neutral by 2050

30 Oct 20  Philippines declares moratorium on new coal power plants

29 Oct 20  South Korea joins Japan in making 2050 carbon-neutral pledge

28 Oct 20  India's cities look to become climate-smarter

27 Oct 20  Japan to be carbon-neutral by 2050

1 Oct 20  South Korea sets net-zero goal

7 Sep 20  Young activists go to court over climate change

28 Aug 20  Doubts over green bonds’ impact in Asia’s low-carbon transition

24 Aug 20  Coronavirus forces tourism rethink in world's most visited city

18 Aug 20  Industry push-back delays Japan's decarbonisation

23 Jul 20  Vietnam’s energy policy marks turning point for coal

20 Jul 20  South Korea backtracks on green promise

4 Jun 20  Japan to launch ‘green recovery’ platform

25 May 20  Green New Deal turns South Korea from climate villain to model

15 May 20  Bangladesh to double fossil fuel imports

12 May 20  Plastic piles up as covid sidelines pollution fight

8 May 20  South Korea backs $2b bailout of coal company

28 Apr 20  Indonesia puts new jungle capital on hold

17 Apr 20  South Korea to implement Green New Deal

2 Apr 20  Asia Pacific degradation worries UN

31 Mar 20  Campaigners attack Japan's 'shameful' climate plans

20 Mar 20  Southeast Asian mangrove destruction is rampant

19 Mar 20  India finally takes climate crisis seriously

18 Mar 20  South Korea wants Green New Deal

24 Feb 20  Bali does battle with plague of plastic

24 Feb 20  Singapore joins drive to phase out fossil fuel vehicles

19 Feb 20  Malaysia’s banks buck trend against coal

11 Feb 20  Mining leads to flooding in coal capital

7 Feb 20  Japan races to build coal-burning power plants

3 Feb 20  Asian countries spurn and burn waste imports

29 Jan 20  China, India face crticism over potent pollutants

29 Jan 20  City buses might moove to dung-drive

13 Dec 19  Indonesia forest fires cost $5.2 billion

28 Nov 19  Big Energy boosts coal in Philippines

21 Nov 19  Vietnam has a remarkable wind-energy story

15 Nov 19  Myanmar hands over forests to oil palm producers

10 Oct 19  Coal is still king in Southeast Asia

6 Sep 19  Can indonesia avoid a capital distaster?

27 Aug 19  Most Southeast Asia banks ignore climate crisis

27 Aug 19  IKEA IDEA: Inspired firm aims to electrify a million boats

21 Aug 19  Singapore expects to pay $72b for climate peace of mind

15 Aug 19  Plastic, poverty and paradox ... the sad story of a great river

7 Aug 19  Southeast Asia drowning in electronic waste

31 Jul 19  At the garbage cafe, pay for your curry with plastic waste

26 Jul 19  Car craze brings gridlock and grumpiness to beaming Bhutan

24 Jul 19  Melting ice will hurt Southeast Asia

16 Jul 19  Corruption and coal rule in Indonesia

12 Jul 19  Residents sue government over ‘world’s filthiest’ air

21 Jun 19  Leftover spy satellites reveal Himalayas melt

14 Jun 19  Coal-dependent Japan sets neutral goal

4 Jun 19  Students must plant 10 trees to graduate

31 May 19  Malaysia loses last male rhino

29 May 19  TREATED LIKE TRASH: Asians send back the West's rubbish

23 May 19  What is sustainable rubber?

18 Apr 19  Asian voters want environmental action

25 Mar 19  Melting ice exposing bodies of Mt Everest's missing climbers

21 Mar 19  Look what happened when they cleaned up this rubbish beach

19 Mar 19  Japanese investors back renewables

8 Feb 19  Two billion people dread the day the Himalaya ice cap fails

4 Feb 19  Toxic smog forces Bangkok to close schools

1 Feb 19  Bali will bill tourists for plastic pollution

12 Dec 18  Vietnam milk boom leads to billions of cartons on beaches

4 Dec 18  Asia's media ignores air pollution shocker

29 Nov 18  Everest's glaciers sensitive to climate change

28 Nov 18  Gas demand spurs race to build tankers

15 Nov 18  Sweet taste of chocolate has turned sour for orangutans

19 Oct 18  ANGKOR'S END: Did floods speed the end of ancient city?

9 Oct 18  Palm oil giant vows to cut deforestation

19 Sep 18  Pay more for your clothes, workers tell fashion brands

6 Sep 18  Soggy Bangkok struggles to stay afloat

23 Aug 18  Overloaded Thailand bans import of e-waste

14 Aug 18  A river restored breathes new life into Kuala Lumpur

10 Aug 18  Unhappy with fish poachers? Blow them out of the water

9 Aug 18  Japan eyes daylight savings time for 2020 Olympics

1 Aug 18  Philippines kills off green campaigners

31 Jul 18  Heat goes on in (already) steamy Sri Lanka

30 Jul 18  Imran vows to green Pakistan by planting 10 billion trees

30 Jul 18  Penang is drowning in its own development

20 Jul 18  Singapore battles addiction to plastic

12 Jul 18  Meet the man who paves highways with old plastic

12 Jul 18  India’s cheap cars fixation stalls EV dream

12 Jul 18  Life's a toxic cocktail in the land of Genghis Khan

2 Jul 18  E-waste deluge turning Thailand into world's dump

29 Jun 18  Palm oil alternatives could be worse, experts warn

27 Jun 18  Use plastics in Mumbai and you could go to jail

22 Jun 18  Newest development bank invests in coal

19 Jun 18  Pollution-recording gear can't cope with off-the-dial Delhi

7 Jun 18  India approves massive solar farm

1 Jun 18  Coal's all the rage in Indonesia

31 May 18  Asia-Pacific dragging the chain, says UN

29 May 18  TEA TROUBLE: Weather changes could put Darjeeling in danger

25 May 18  Indian police kill 11 pollution protesters

18 May 18  India eyes hybrid solar-wind power plants

4 May 18  The true cost of making cities from the sea

20 Apr 18  Dear sir, I'd like to order some e-vehicles ... 10,000 would do

20 Apr 18  Japan has a renewable energy puzzle

5 Apr 18  'The Beach' off limits as Thais count cost of climate change

1 Mar 18  Tokyo admits rainforest timber used for stadium

21 Feb 18  Singapore will charge carbon tax from next year

13 Feb 18  Korea real cool, but the games are getting warmer

2 Feb 18  Indonesia has bold plan to rewet the swamps

30 Jan 18  Local people tackle tide of beach plastic

24 Jan 18  Climate change drives farmers from Mekong delta

15 Dec 17  Thailand gets $1.1 billion for wind power project

8 Dec 17  Hyundai building battery bigger than Tesla's

24 Nov 17  India to add 10,000 e-vehicles to official fleet

21 Nov 17  Indonesia to roll out 1000 eco-mosques

16 Nov 17  CHOPPER STOPPER: Too much smog for the smog-fighters

26 Oct 17  LEAPING LIZARDS: Giants thrive in wasted oil palm plantations

20 Oct 17  How Thailand built a top sustainable stock exchange

13 Oct 17  Asean banks need to raise sustainable finance bar

11 Oct 17  India bans Diwali fireworks to tackle Delhi's air pollution

4 Oct 17  Sunny Southeast Asia just doesn't get solar

29 Sep 17  Delhi chokes on US exports of tar sands waste

26 Sep 17  Palm oil giant makes debut in sustainability index

21 Sep 17  India is about to embark on stupendous e-car changes

15 Sep 17  Shrinking glaciers threaten water supply of millions

31 Aug 17  Indonesia chases firms to pay for forest damage

31 Aug 17  Himalayas hold their ground as world weather gets warmer

30 Aug 17  In these highlands climate change is a death sentence

29 Aug 17  Climate change threatens Pacific Rim farm trade

29 Aug 17  Coal to power India for decades, says government

24 Aug 17  COLOURFUL CANINES: Waste gives Mumbai dogs the blues

18 Aug 17  Drought legacy can be a lingering death

17 Aug 17  THE IMRAN EFFECT: Pakistanis plant billion trees for their hero

9 Aug 17  China puts Tibet's fragile ecosystem in danger

4 Aug 17  HOT AS HELL: These heatwaves will kill even healthy people

3 Aug 17  Study links climate change and 60,000 farming suicides

27 Jul 17  Solar not cheaper than coal, says former mining boss

26 Jul 17  India diverts $25 billion away from clean energy

24 Jul 17  Asian temperature rise could be disastrous

24 Jul 17  Hanoi choking on fumes of five million motorbikes

21 Jul 17  Asia coal boom bankrolled by foreign money

17 Jul 17  Japan to export renewable energy expertise

6 Jul 17  Indian utility bets $10 billion on coal power

5 Jul 17  India gets busy and plants 66 million trees in 12 hours

29 Jun 17  MODI AND ADANI: Old friends who are laying waste to India

22 Jun 17  South Korea to scrap coal and nuclear power

15 Jun 17  India and Pakistan scrap over the mighty Indus

15 Jun 17  Singapore opens sustainability academy


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