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24 Dec 21 - SPOT NZUs opened at $68.25 bid and $68.50 offered on CommTrade this morning, after last fixing at $68.50.
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The Lorax is Rod Carr's pick for best climate change related fiction book of all time

24 Dec 21 - The Lorax by Dr Seuss is Climate Change Commission chair Rod Carr's choice for the best fiction book relating to climate change in the inaugural Carbon News Climate Change Summer Reading list.

Happy holidays

24 Dec 21 - This is the final edition of Carbon News for the year. We'll be back on Monday 24 January. (And that's a cross section of a red cabbage put through a kaleidoscopic filter - courtesy of Twitter user...

Haiku writing IPCC co-author joins Climate Change Commission board

23 Dec 21 - Leading climate scientist and IPCC co-author Andy Reisinger is one of three new appointments to the Climate Change Commission board.

Climate change contributes to record high insurance payouts

23 Dec 21 - Insurance claims resulting from weather events - some of which have been attributed to climate change by scientists - have hit a record high of $304.9 million in 2021, eclipsing last year's record of...

Environment minister responds to criticism of RMA amendment delay

23 Dec 21 - Environment minister David Parker's office has provided Carbon News with a response to questions raised in yesterday's story about the delay in the introduction of an amendment to the Resource...

Government delays one of its “most significant” climate change policy changes

22 Dec 21 - Cabinet agreed on Monday to delay an amendment to the Resource Management Act that was trumpeted by climate change minister James Shaw as “one of the most significant policy changes to address...

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How climate change has altered Christmas

24 Dec 21 - While Hollywood's depiction of a white Christmas might be the northern hemisphere ideal, for many around the world the holiday is celebrated in very different weather. But, climate change is...

What is 'youthwashing' and is it dangerous for the climate movement?

24 Dec 21 - From protests to policy meetings, panels and public events, young people’s voices seem more prominent than ever on the global climate stage.

“We’re no longer totally f$%@ed. But we’re also far from totally unf$@%*ed!”

24 Dec 21 - Princeton energy researcher Jesse Jenkins accurately, and colorfully, pinpointed the weird moment we’ve arrived at in a recent tweet: “We’re no longer totally f$%@ed. But we’re also far from totally...

Ozone-destroying greenhouse gas emissions from China increased significantly: Study

24 Dec 21 - Emissions of industrially produced chlorocarbon, dichloromethane (CH2Cl2), increased in China from 2011-2019, a new study established. The emissions grew to 628 gigagrams (Gg) per year in 2019 from...

Controlled burning of natural environments could help offset our carbon emissions

24 Dec 21 - Planting trees and suppressing wildfires do not necessarily maximize the carbon storage of natural ecosystems. A new study has found that prescribed burning can actually lock in or increase carbon in...

How artists are taking on the climate crisis

24 Dec 21 - Over the last half century or more, numerous artists such as Gustav Metzger, Agnes Denes, Lothar Baumgarten, Edward Burtynsky, Chris Jordan, and Olafur Eliasson have created work that has focused...

China ETS reduces carbon but needs map to cap-and-trade based system: study

23 Dec 21 - China’s regional emissions trading scheme (ETS) pilots were effective in reducing companies’ carbon emissions in the early trading phase, despite low carbon prices and infrequent allowance trading,...

EPA announces strictest vehicle emissions standards ever

23 Dec 21 - The US Environmental Protection Agency has announced aggressive new vehicle emissions standards for greenhouse gasses that will impact cars and light trucks from model years 2023-2026.

Bicycle parking to be mandatory in all new European buildings

23 Dec 21 - THE European Commission’s revision proposal for the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive will make bicycle parking mandatory in all new and renovated buildings in the EU, a measure that will...

Battery wars: Serbian climate protests were just the beginning

23 Dec 21 - Last week, Serbian environmental protesters were successful in getting plans to allow Rio Tinto to mine one of Europe's largest lithium deposits suspended. The protests, however, have continued.

The case for a new international crime called ecocide: Philippe Sands

23 Dec 21 - The British lawyer and author has held Nazis and presidents accountable for crossing the moral red line. Now, he argues, the time has come to pursue those who commit crimes against the environment.

Preparing, and paying for, climate change-induced disasters

23 Dec 21 - During the evening hours of Dec. 10, a flurry of tornadoes ravaged several states, claiming close to 100 lives and leaving whole communities in wreckage.

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Native tree numbers on the rise in Bay of Plenty

23 Dec 21 - Media Release - The 775,000 native trees and shrubs planted by Bay of Plenty...

WCC seeks waste minimisation proposals

22 Dec 21 - Media Release - Expressions of Interest are now open for Wellington City...

Wellington councils draw down first green loans from Local Government Funding Agency

21 Dec 21 - Media Release - Wellington City Council and Greater Wellington have become the...

Air New Zealand seeking innovators for next generation aircraft

21 Dec 21 - Media Release - Air New Zealand wants to get a zero emissions aircraft in the...

The bird that measures Antarctic ice

20 Dec 21 - Media Release - It’s a bird, it’s a plane…It’s a laser-shooting electromagnetic...

Toitu Brighter Futures Awards 2021 announced

20 Dec 21 - Media Release - Toitû Envirocare recognises its top performing clients with the...

NZ should follow Netherland's lead and drastically cut stock numbers: Greenpeace

17 Dec 21 - Media Release - On Wednesday the Netherlands announced a plan to drastically...

‘Keep it clear’ when buying plastic bottles: Hamilton City Council

16 Dec 21 - Media Release - Hamiltonians are being encouraged to ‘keep it clear’ when...

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